9 am Mountain Time

Zoom meetings will include opportunities for interaction and discussion. Bring your coffee, questions, and neighbours!

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with Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen,
freelance theologian from Minnesota

9am Thursdays, October 8-29

The word ‘joy’ has been used for everything from dishwashing liquid—which makes no sense—to candy bars—which makes a bit more, but still is a stretch.

Joy, however, has emotional heft, and these days, we need it all the more.

In these days that give us multiple reasons for despair, anger, and fatigue, joy offers us not just a defence against these taxing emotions, but an all-out refutation of them.

What reviles death more than life? Joy! And what is an abundant life if not one saturated in experience, and extended forth in delight, beauty, and thereby joy?

Come join us for an excursion in joyful defiance of death, despair, and yes, even piles of dishes.

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Creation Care - November

Bible Study

with Rev. David Saude,
Lutheran Pastor from Alberta

9am Thursdays, November  5-26

The commonly-overlooked book of Leviticus provides some amazing insights into God’s gift of the land, and expectations for how the land is treated, and consequences when the land is exploited. 

In a world where climate justice and environmental stewardship are "hot button" topics, we will take a look at the significance of the land for the Jewish people, opening up a depth of perspective.

Come join us on a journey through Leviticus to understand the Israelites' connection to the land, and explore our calling to care for creation.

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Women's Retreat

November 13-15

with Rev. Kathy Calkins and Rev. Barbara Groote, Lutheran pastors in Alberta

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Help us celebrate 90 Years of Kuriakos!


You can get involved from home, with important roles to play

  • acting out our history
  • telling your Kuriakos story
  • performing a Kuriakos grace
  • taking a photo (of a "camp 90" or of 90 "camp" things)

Visit the 90th Anniversary page for more information.