Excited for the Party at Thanksgiving?

So are we!

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for 90 years of ministry at Kuriakos.

As our facilities are currently closed, the 90th party has been rescheduled for October 2021. See you then!

Our weekly Passion Play has been a treasured faith story for generations of campers and staff.

We've curated a few selections from the past years and are excited to share them with you. With plays from 2009, 2013, and 2014, we'll get to see some past teams in their younger days!

Commentary provided by legendary Producer, Director and Screenwriter Laureen Wray.  Videos include 5 minutes of commentary, followed by the Play.

Passion Play 2009 (17 minutes)

Passion Play 2013 (1 hour)

Passion Play 2014 (18 minutes)

As we continue to celebrate our 90th through the coming year, watch for more videos of camp weeks, promotional videos, and other Passion Plays. Do you still have video of past events? We'd be happy to share it in the future.

Recorded on YouTube or on Facebook


Enjoy the Worship Service online as we celebrate the many people who have built and continue to build this community.

Worship will be led by Rev. Dr. Tim Wray of Lutheran Church of the Master in Airdrie, with music and assistance by our 90th Anniversary Team.



Thanks to our volunteers and staff for their work on this service, including Tim, Emma, Duncan, Anthony, Charlotte, Anna, Travis, Connor, Kendra, and Paul.

Join the sharing

Send your questions and contributions to 90years@kuriakos.ab.ca

And post on social media #Kuriakos90Years

Act out our history

Pick a story from the History Book or tell your own.

Then find some costumes and act it out.

Tell your story

What has Kuriakos meant to you?

Write down your own story of Kuriakos, to be included shared online.

It could be just a few lines of memories, a detailed story, a favourite photo...

Record a Grace

The Graces (and Voices) of Kuriakos

Our Anniversary Project is a different sort of History Book; it's a record of the many table graces (and stories, and songs, and memories) that form a part of our life at Kuriakos.

We need families and individuals to record themselves singing a Kuriakos table grace.

This will be included with the book (on YouTube) as an audio record of the printed words and tune.

Take a Photo

We're making 90s out of camp!

Find objects that remind you of Kuriakos and make them into the shape of a 90...

Or just find 90 camp" things!

Then send it to us for a photo collage.