Life on Staff


This is the reminder on the wall of our Staff Lounge.

We bring what we can, and trust God to do the rest!

Apply to join our team, and discover so much more than a job. This will be challenging, but will also be the most rewarding and worthwhile thing you could ever do.

If joining our team isn't in the books, please refer qualified candidates and fantastic leaders in your community.

We also need VOLUNTEERS in many capacities.

Why Work at camp?

Because it's the best (and most challenging+growing) job you'll ever have.

We've picked out a few of the biggest reasons below.

Also... in appreciation for your offering of service (1 weekend or a full season), check out our 50% Program Discount for staff alumni!


"Dear Camp Staff,

Each one of you is an incredible blessing. I cannot describe how inspiring it is to watch each of you in your ministry at Kuriakos. You are mentors, friends, caretakers, teachers, students, facilitators, chaplains, and much, much more. You fill all of your roles with such diligence and grace, always looking through the cross of Christ in each situation you encounter. Never doubt the impact you have upon all of the campers who are blessed to spend time in your presence at Kuriakos. You have touched and will continue to touch many lives, just as you have touched mine. God bless you!"

- summer Resource Person


"During my three years on staff, I worked with so many talented, beautiful people - many of whom became spiritual mentors and friends for life. There was so much love and laughter during First Words, water gun escapades, and weekend getaways.

Being a camp counsellor was so natural and rewarding - without a doubt the best job I'll ever have. Who knew a pink dress would mean so many hugs?!

- Staff Alumna


"Life's a journey! The growth you can experience in 10 weeks is unbelievable.

Camp is about family. It's not a job. The experience of growing from SIT to STAND to LIT is beyond what you could learn in school. Absolutely. Everybody helps everybody else, watching each other's back".

- current Staff Member


"As my journey continues, I often close my eyes and return to my peace moments from Kuriakos. It is a place where I learned the meaning of God's love and the love of community. I hope to return time and time again to this beloved camp to create many more peace moments."

- Staff Alumna


"Thanks to camp, I discovered my passion for teaching! (and also got some practice with lesson planning).

- Volunteer

Camp teaches leadership and technical skills that will become gifts wherever you go next.

You'll also receive certifications in First Aid, Paddle Canada, Ropes Course Facilitation, OCC Field Leader, and Waterfront NL (current Pool Lifeguards only).

Pro tip - want to bump up your application chances? Become a NL Lifeguard! You'll be a key part of our waterfront team.


"Why do camp? Because of photos like this.

Because at camp you get to make these moments more possible.

Moments like this happen more often at camp, and that's why it's such a great job and a great place.

Thanks be to God we get to be a part of it."

- Staff Alumnus