Kids and Youth At-Home

Check out opportunities for your kids and youth to stay connected to Kuriakos!

Youth Retreat-At-Home

March 12-13 | Ages 12-18

Join us on zoom for singing, games, Bible study and more!

A weekend Retreat-At-Home for youth to connect and reflect. Worship and activities led by camp staff, and Bible Study with Darin Felstrom. Darin is the Executive Director at our sister camp, Kinasao, in Saskatchewan, and used to work at Kuriakos.

Registration coming soon.

Schedule coming soon.

Free to attend, suggested donation of $50 to Kuriakos or Kinasao.

Videos from Summer 2020

Watch the videos on YouTube and Social Media.

  • Kids+Youth Bible Study

    Tune in for a brief Bible Study wtih Travis. He'll provide activities and connections that bring the stories alive, while sharing some of the important themes we have studied here over the past 90 years.

    Watch here!

  • Coordinators' Choice

    Our summer team will have fun activites, games and videos for you each week -stop by to see what crazy thing they are up to next!

    Watch here!

  • Wilderness - Nature, Camping and Outdoor Skills

    Learn about God's Creation! What's that bug? How do plants grow? What's an ecosystem? You won't believe the things Annika can teach you!

    Keep up on your survival skills! We'll teach you some new skills, culminating with a genuine Kuriakos backyard (or living room) campout.

    Watch here!

  • Fun Crafts

    Join our Arts Coordinator, Elanor, as she shares new ideas for craft time. What else can she find in the storage room??

    Watch here!