Help us to spread the word about camp!

Did you know that the number one factor in choosing a camp is a recommendation from a friend?  

We will keep doing all we can, but nothing can beat a personal invitation.  

Thanks for being part of the team.

We're inviting you or to nominate someone in your congregation to become a Kuriakos SHOUT OUT Ambassador.  In a nutshell, ambassadors serve as our main contact, spreading the word about Kuriakos within your congregation.  We provide ambassadors with materials and training to fulfill their role - you provide the enthusiasm and love of camp. In return ambassadors receive a free Kuriakos T-shirt, attend a yearly banquet, enjoy fellowship and shared experiences.

You know your church best, so what you do within this role will be tailored to you

Here's a bit of what ambassadors can do...
Tell stories about camp
Give announcement blurbs

Put camp info in bulletin/newsletter insert
Show a camp video
Put a link to our website on your congregational website, or share camp on Facebook
Share new programming and facility development

Invite Kuriakos Staff to help with youth night
Volunteer as a congregation or raise funds for Kuriakos
Host a S'MORE party

Shouting out as a family?  Take advantage of our BRING-A-FRIEND discounts.
Looking for ideas?  Check out this guide, which includes step-by-step instructions for hosting a S'MORE Party!