Welcome to our community

This is a special place. You'll feel it in everything we do.

It's no accident that Kuriakos has been built and supported by families since 1930.

It's part of our ministry to each other, and the difference we can make in community.

Faith Centred

Faith teachings and practices are nor peripheral or intermittent aspects of the camp experience, but rather are experienced as intertwined in all other characteristics.

Safe Space

The strong sense of safety at camp includes physical, but also an emphasis on emotional safety. Participants describe camp as a place where they could be themselves without fear of judgement.


The camp environment emphasizes experience and agency. Participants learn and grow through active, kinesthetic activities that employ their body, mind, and soul.

Unplugged from Home

Camp exists in a Set Apart location that provides physical and emotional distance from environments that participants consider normal, allowing them to see the world and their place in it differently.


Camp experience is framed in a relational environment that includes living together, meeting new people, practicing reconciliation, and encountering the other in face-to-face interaction.