Volunteers continue to play a huge role at Kuriakos, as they have from the beginning.

Various roles are described below... but don't let this list limit your imagination!
If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please contact the camp office.

Don't forget - During the two Family Work Weekends each year, everyone can help out.

For more info, visit the FAMILY PROGRAMS page.

For more service opportunities, please visit the STAFF page.

  • Leaders in Training

    High-school aged youth are invited to join our Leaders In Training program, either as a Gapper (support volunteer) or SIT (program volunteer). Visit the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT page for information and applications.

  • Resource Person

    RPs assist with program leadership in various ways, depending on the program.  Games and activities, devotions, and faith teaching are a part of every RP's experience at camp.  RPs are needed for all summer programs, as well as year round retreats. An honorarium is provided.

    Qualifications Required:
    RPs should be familiar with basic Lutheran theology.
    RPs should have experience teaching the age group at camp, and prepare accordingly.

  • Camp Medic

    During Kids' and Youth summer programs, we need volunteers to serve as Camp Medic.  The Medic is responsible for camper health during the week, dispensing meds and dealing with health issues as they arise.  An honorarium is provided for those who serve.

    Qualifications Required:
    RN, MD, LPN, Student Nurse, Paramedic, EMT

  • Facility Volunteers

    It takes a lot of work to build and maintain facilities at Kuriakos.  Volunteers have assisted with nearly every building on camp property in some way.  If you have time, skills, and a willingness to help - we'd love to hear from you.
    Volunteers can be project-based or provide regular, ongoing assistance.  Facility volunteers work with the Executive Director and Resident Property Manager, as well as summer maintenance staff.

    Qualifications Required:
    Some experience with maintenance, tools, etc.
    Able to work with a team.

  • Program Volunteers

    Sometimes we need assistance leading programs.  Program volunteers will be considered part of the staff team at camp, and assigned duties throughout the day. 
    Note: We often look for Program Volunteers during Family Camp I and II.

    Qualifications Required:
    Competence in leading assigned skills and activities.
    Previous experience working with campers.
    Able to work in a team.

  • Kitchen Volunteers

    Providing food service for large groups is a lot of work, and a lot of fun in the Kuriakos kitchen.  If you are interested in learning more about food service, or lending your experience to camp, let us know.

    Qualifications Required:
    Some familiarity with food preparation and kitchen safety.
    Able to work in a team.

  • Board and Committee Volunteers

    Visionaries, strategists, experts in their field, camp suporters, people who are able to get things done.
    The Board and its committees play a vital role in the success of Kuriakos operations. If you have experience, expertise, or energy to offer, we'd love to have you on board (pun intended).

    Scroll down for further information on committee (work group) volunteering.

    Visit the CONGREGATIONS and BOARD pages for more information on the Association.

Working Groups

Our staff can't take care of everything on their own. Kuriakos has always relied on dedicated volunteers to work with our staff to make things happen.
If you like to make things happen, there is a group for you. Some groups are ongoing, some are project based only.
If you are intersted in any of these opportunities to serve at Kuriakos, contact the Executive Director.

  • Property

    part of the Board's Vision Committee

    Kuriakos is blessed with a large property, a beautiful forest, and many facilities; but it all needs some tender loving care.  The Property Work Group is responsible for the maintenance of our site, and works closely with our Property Manager to keep things looking great.

    Recent projects include the Dana Lodge expansion... and we're hosting a Work Week (May 16-20) to finish off the task.

  • Program

    part of the Board's Vision Committee

    Each year, we look to add new programs.  Program Work Group members are tasked with the success of an individual program event.  Join us for a few months of planning, then help us host!

    Recent successes include the new SHIFT! Young Adult Retreat.

    Upcoming programs are the Grandparents/Grandkids Family Camp and the new Adventure Week Outtrip programs.

  • Fundraising Dinner

    part of the Board's Sustainability Committee

    Kuriakos has a NEW annual fundraiser - Kuriakos Gathers Together.

    A dedicated team of volunteers is required to plan and host this event.  Positions include marketing, communications, finance, programming, and catering.

    Many more volunteers are required on the day of the event.