Leadership Development Programs

  • L.I.T. Week   (leaders in training)

    July 2-5, 2017         $125+gst

    Leadership.  It's useful everywhere.  At church, at school, and, yes, at camp.  At your age, it's what everyone's talking about.  But how can you gain the experience they're looking for?  Join us for a week of camp, including an overnight adventure,and have fun with your peers while learning servant leader skills that are useful wherever you go... including volunteering as a SIT.

    This program is a pre-requisite for all first-time SITs. But, since you never stop learning, it's a great opportunity for all returning SITs and anyone else who is between 14 and 18.

      - combine with Sr Adventure I for a full week of camp!

  • SIT Program

    SERVANTS IN TRAINING are a big part of Kuriakos.

    Assignments will be made starting May 1.

    The SIT program provides leadership training and experience for 50-60 high school teens each summer.  SITs work with a counsellor to help their cabin group have the best week possible. As well, SITs assist with leading all kinds of activities, giving you a taste of what serving at camp is all about.

    Have you finished grade 9?
    Then you are eligible to serve as a SIT. 
    *Prerequisite for first-time SITs - L.I.T. Week  July 2-5

    SIT positions will be assigned according to camp needs, with consideration of the applicant's availability and experience.  Generally, all applicants will receive at least one week.

    Apply Now to be a SIT this summer!

  • GAPS

    Gain Awesome Experience and Practical Skills at Kuriakos

    Assignments will be made starting May 1.

    GAPPERs help us prepare, clean up, lead, and get done all the things that need to be done.  If you're really lucky, you might even learn the answer to the age old question, what does Paul do in that office all day ...

    Applicants able to serve 2 weeks are preferred.  GAPPERs will spend approximately 50% of their time working with staff, and 50% assisting with camper activities.  Applicants must be age 16+.

    CLICK HERE for more GAPS info.

    Apply Now to be a GAPPER this summer!