Leaders In Training

With emphasis on training, spiritual growth and leadership development, LITs will serve as either SITs (support volunteer, 14+, finished grade 9) or STANDs (cabin assistant, 16+, finished grade 11).

Please read below to find out details about these roles.


A link to our online application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Looking for information on volunteering as an adult? Check out our VOLUNTEER page!

L.I.T. Week (Leaders In Training)

July 7-12, 2024   $625... or free if you attend Senior Youth

plus, Discounts and Camperships are available

Leadership. It's useful everywhere. At church, at school, and, yes, at camp. At your age, it's what everyone's talking about. But how can you gain the experience they're looking for? Join us for a week of camp, including an overnight adventure,and have fun with your peers while learning servant leader skills that are useful wherever you go... including volunteering as a SIT or STAND.

With lots of training, learning, growing and playing together. LIT prepares youth for leadership at camp, at church, at school and beyond. Register your 14-18 year old now! This is a chance for teens to learn leadership skills, have fun and connect with Kuriakos.

This full week program is free if you are also registered for another summer program.

This leadership training course is designed for young leaders in every community. Enjoy a week at camp while learning key skills for personal growth. We will cover leadership topics relevant to both camp and home.

Ready to learn something new? LIT Week includes certifications (Emergency First-Aid), as well as an overnight canoe trip. Develop your camping skills, practice working in groups, and apply them this summer as a SIT or STAND.

Successful "graduates" will receive a certificate... and can volunteer with us in the summer!

This program is a prerequisite for all first-time youth volunteers. But, since you never stop learning, it's also a great opportunity for all returning volunteers and anyone else between 14 and 18.

SIT Program

Age 14-16+

SERVANTS IN TRAINING are a big part of Kuriakos.

The SIT program provides leadership training and experience for 30-40 high school teens each summer.
SITs assist with all kinds of activities, giving them a taste of what serving at camp is all about. Their time will be spent serving in 4 areas:

  • Activities - time will be spent shadowing the Activities Coordinator, helping them with all aspects of running camp
  • Arts - time will be spent shadowing the Arts Coordinator, helping to take pictures, plan worship, lead crafts and decorate for special events
  • Kitchen - time will be spent in the kitchen, helping to prepare and clean up from meals
  • Maintenance - time will be spent working on behind the scenes tasks - anything from stocking firewood to painting railings to fixing door knobs (don't worry, you'll have training)

SITs will also help with dishes and bathroom cleaning, as well as special projects and planning a weekly game for the campers.

SITs will have daily meetings which include training, discipleship, fun and community!

SITs must be 14 years old and completed grade 9. While the SIT program is oriented towards 14-16 year olds, older applicants are welcome. 

First Time SITs are required to attend our one week Leaders In Training (LIT) Camp (see above). Returning SITs are encouraged to attend as well.

STAND Program

age 16-18+

Serving, Training, and Now, Doing
STANDs serve as assistant cabin leaders. These volunteers are paired with a Summer Team Member for the entire week. They live, lead, and work with their Cabin group. STANDs have the opportunity to grow as leaders, learn to support campers, practice servanthood, lead devotions and activities, and be a part of the Kuriakos Community.
Serving, Training, Achieving, Nourishing, Developing are the five focuses of the STAND program. The STANDs are both recipients and providers of these focuses, learning from the LIT Coordinator in their daily sessions, and giving back to the campers as they lead.

STANDs must be 16 years old and completed grade 11. While the STAND program is oriented towards 16-18 year olds, older applicants are welcome.

First Time STANDs (who have never been a SIT) are required to attend our one week Leaders In Training (LIT) Camp (see above). Returning STANDs are encouraged to attend as well.

Are you ready to begin your journey in servant-hood?

Click Here to apply. Sign in using your camper registration account. You will need to "add staff" and choose "create staff from existing", then select "LIT Application". You can then choose SIT or STAND, and fill out the application forms. If you cannot remember your username or password, please email Kendra to retrieve them. If you are new to Kuriakos, you will need to create an account.