Our History



Here's a little of God's story at Kuriakos.
On a Saturday in June, 1931, Danish settlers from the Dickson area approached a local farmer about donating part of his land for a Lutheran camp. Nick Isaacson stood up from his rocking chair on the porch of his house and offered the 17 acres of lakefront land that became the base for Kuriakos. The price? Just $1. 

Through its years, God has been faithful, and Kuriakos has continued to grow. Camping in the twenty-first century looks very different than camping in 1930, but the fundamentals are the same. Kuriakos relies on support from its members, people who have experienced the life enhancing benefits of outdoor ministry. Members are involved by attending programs, volunteering, praying, offering financial donations, and inviting friends to participate in Kuriakos' programs.

The mission of Kuriakos has never changed. Kuriakos exists to provide an outdoor space in which people can be encountered by the Living God, through activity, community, and worship.

Some of the Details:


Two parcels of land have been purchased since that initial gift.  In 1992 and 2001, local land was purchased to allow for future growth and programming opportunities. Currently, a soccer field and wilderness camping site have been situated on these properties. Both of these properties are important parts of the future for Kuriakos as facility and activity areas. 


Buildings have been developed to provide year round opportunities for fellowship at camp. One of the original structures of the camp, Mary's Cottage, is still used today. 
The Chapel was errected in 1958, renovated in the late 90s and remains a beautiful place of worship today.  The Standard Lodge (now Dana Lodge) was build in the early sixties  and renovated in 2000 and again in 2015.
Building began on the Kuriakos Centre by volunteers in 1972.  Four years later, the Centre was complete and the dorm was underway.
The ARC was built  in 1986-1987, to provide year round recreation and space for creative projects.
Three Cabins went up thanks to many volunteer hours through the 80s. 
Smaller buildings have been added over the years as well, providing staff housing, equipment storage and more.

Recent addtions include the Wilderness site (2007), the Staff Shack (2009), a new RV park (2010) and services building (2014).  Renovations on Dana Lodge were completed in 2016, adding program space and washrooms to accommodate mid-sized groups.

Kuriakos hired Pastor David Larsen as the first Executive Director in 1979. He led the camp for 32 years, retiring in 2011.  PD couldn't do it alone, though.  Rev. James Hendricksen served as Program Director in 1999, Daena Winchell served as Assistant Director 2001-2003, and Laureen Wray served as Assistant Director and Interim Executive Director between 2004 and 2015.  Rev. Art Weiss has served as Executive Director since early 2015.
Many people have faithfully served as Resident Caretakers and Property Managers over the last 20 years.  Ken and Carol Bell served in this position from 2009 to 2018, when Rudy Lange took over.
Housekeepers, bookkeepers, cooks, office support, and seasonal staff, and thousands of volunteers have offered their talents over the years.  The staff have been the heart of Kuriakos since it first began.