90 Years of Kuriakos


Community comes together around the dinner table. Since 1930, shared meals have been a mainstay of Kuriakos.

Our Anniversary Project is a different sort of History Book; it's a record of the many table graces (and stories, and songs, and memories) that form a part of our life at Kuriakos.

During our programs, we encourage our campers and families of all ages to say grace at mealtimes... and to take that habit home with them.

Inside, discover all our classic graces, plus many new ones created by recent staff teams. And, you can read some special memories from members of the Kuriakos Community over the past 90 years.

Find it on Lulu.com   All proceeds to go Kuriakos.

Currently downloadable PDF only. Printed option to come!

$91k for 91 years

Here's Kuriakos' Birthday Cake!

Each candle represents $1000 raised for our 91st year.

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Enjoy the Worship Service online as we celebrate the many people who have built and continue to build this community.

Worship will be led by Rev. Dr. Tim Wray of Lutheran Church of the Master in Airdrie, with music and assistance by our 90th Anniversary Team.



Thanks to our volunteers and staff for their work on this service, including Tim, Emma, Duncan, Anthony, Charlotte, Anna, Travis, Connor, Kendra, and Paul.

Our weekly Passion Play has been a treasured faith story for generations of campers and staff.

We've curated a few selections from the past years and are excited to share them with you. With plays from 2009, 2013, and 2014, we'll get to see some past teams in their younger days!

Commentary provided by legendary Producer, Director and Screenwriter Laureen Wray.  Videos include 5 minutes of commentary, followed by the Play.

Passion Play 2009 (17 minutes)

Passion Play 2013 (1 hour)

Passion Play 2014 (18 minutes)

Our History



Here's a little of God's story at Kuriakos.
On a Saturday in June, 1931, Danish settlers from the Dickson area approached a local farmer about donating part of his land for a Lutheran camp. Nick Isaacson stood up from his rocking chair on the porch of his house and offered the 17 acres of lakefront land that became the base for Kuriakos. The price? Just $1. 

Through its years, God has been faithful, and Kuriakos has continued to grow. Camping in the twenty-first century looks very different than camping in 1930, but the fundamentals are the same. Kuriakos relies on support from its members, people who have experienced the life enhancing benefits of outdoor ministry. Members are involved by attending programs, volunteering, praying, offering financial donations, and inviting friends to participate in Kuriakos' programs.

The mission of Kuriakos has never changed. Kuriakos exists to provide an outdoor space in which people can be encountered by the Living God, through activity, community, and worship.

Some of the Details:

Two parcels of land have been purchased since that initial gift. In 1992 and 2001, local land was purchased to allow for future growth and programming opportunities. Currently, a soccer field and wilderness camping site have been situated on these properties. Both of these properties are important parts of the future for Kuriakos as facility and activity areas.