Kuriakos Board of Directors

Directors of Sylvan Lake Lutheran Bible Camp Association

A group of dedicated volunteers is responsible for the governance of Kuriakos.  The Board of Directors meets every other month to discuss and make decisions about the future of this ministry. 
Board members serve three year terms. Each Board member also serves as part of a management committee.



Rev. Phil Penrod, Beaumont

Vice Chairperson

Leah Wetter, Calgary


Ben Ledene, Calgary


Michael Gillingham, Sherwood Park

Risk Management Committee

Rev. Doug Heine, Hinton

Rev. Matt Gillard, Hanna

Vision Committee

Kurt Hanson, Calgary

Gabby Laughland (Sarafinchan), Edmonton

Sustainability Committee

(2 vacant positions)

Currently staffed by non-board volunteers

Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings are open to the public as observers, unless an in-camera session has been called. Participation of visitors in discussions may be permitted at the discretion of the Chair.

Please contact the office if you are interested in attending. Attendance is often available online.

Annual Meeting Dates (general schedule, visit the Calendar for current plan)

First Saturday of May - Board Retreat at Kuriakos (Training Event)

First Saturday of June - online

First Saturday of October - Board Retreat at Kuriakos (Strategic Planning)

First Saturday of December - online

First Saturday of February - online

Last Saturday of March - AGM in Red Deer and online