Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Having a great program team is only part of the equation. Our staff are supported by a strong leadership team, with the experience and resources to teach, supervise, and assist staff as challenges arise.

  • Art Weiss

    Executive Director

    Art has served in a variety of camp positions at a couple of camps, including ED, as well as serving as pastor to a couple of ELCA congregations. Art has a background in accounting, preaching, administration, and having a great laugh. You'll hear it when you meet him!

  • Paul Kopjar

    Assistant Director

    Paul has been involved in the Kuriakos community for many years.

    Programming, staffing, marketing, administration, he does it all.

    Have a question? I bet Paul knows the answer.

  • Program Director

    Kendra has a long history in camp ministry, having worked at 8 other camps before joining our full-time team. Included in that, Kendra served as an intern here at Kuriakos in the fall of 2011. Kendra's passion is to see children, youth and families grow in their faith, and to assist young leaders as they develop.

  • Kelly Craig

    Property Manager

    Kelly has been involved at Kuriakos since he worked on projects with his dad.

    He's looking forward to sharing his skills and passion with our team and community. With an eye for details, a heart for service, and a yard full of goats and chickens, we're thrilled to have Kelly and his wife Anissa join our team.

  • Gail Berg

    Bookkeeper and Housekeeper

    Gail started out as housekeeper 22 years ago, and, after years of involvement in other capacities, has found herself back in her starting (and starring!) role. We sure appreciate her involvement in this ministry - what a great family to have as neighbours!

It is with deep sadness that we share of the passing of Rudy Lange,
our colleague, mentor, and friend.

Rudy's illness with cancer and his time of hospitalization and palliative care came to a close on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020. As he lived in sure and certain hope of resurrection, so we live in thanksgiving of the gifts he shared with us.

From the time he joined us in fall 2017, Rudy approached his vocation of Property Manager with enthusiasm, competence, and good humour. In addition to his dedication to keeping the place in top shape, Rudy actively joined in on Kuriakos's programs whenever he was able, sometimes bringing his adored granddaughter, Paige. Twice, he served as the auctioneer for Kuriakos Gathers Together.

In the months before his diagnosis, Rudy was excited to have found a tractor (with a heated cab!) that would make his job of removing snow from laneways and of clearing brush easier. Although the Summer of 2020 did not provide Rudy with the tractor-driving opportunities that he had been looking forward to (between the pandemic and his own failing health), Rudy was overjoyed to be able to use it for a couple of months last winter before he fell ill. The former owner was willing to let Kuriakos have this tractor for $30,000, to be paid off by the end of 2020, and Rudy was the first donor to the project. At the time of his passing, Kuriakos is left with just $2000 yet to raise. Gifts to the Tractor Fund in Rudy’s memory are greatly appreciated.

As members of the Kuriakos community, we know that life together means joy and sorrow, celebration and mourning, peace and challenges. We also know the confidence that comes from living all of this in community with each other and with Christ. Throughout his time at Kuriakos, Rudy spoke wtih joy and gratitude about the community we have all found here.

On October 9, the Board of Kuriakos presented Rudy with the Service Award, for "living out the Spirit of Kuriakos".

Through it all, Rudy has reminded us that "God is good."

Lord, now let your servant go in peace, for my eyes have seen your salvation - Luke 2:29

Memorial Service

Dear Friends,

The memorial service for Rudy will be held on December 19, 2020 at 2PM from Leduc Fellowship Church. Your virtual attendance would be a blessing.