Kuriakos Alumni

Kuriakos is community. We are built by people who serve on staff, offer their skills as volunteers, and join us as campers.

Alumni are encouraged to remain active at Kuriakos, ensuring our enduring legacy for future generations.

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Volunteers play an important role at Kuriakos. They serve on committees, plan events, maintain our facilities, and assist with programs.

In particular, you are encouraged to join our Work Weekends in May and October, when we get camp ready for the season ahead and join together in worship and play.

This is a great way to stay connected and involved with the community at Kuriakos.

Some folks say that Kuriakos is "the best-kept secret". But, we want this community to be shared widely!

Kuriakos really is stronger together, and all are welcome.

You can help us maintain the energy of Kuriakos by inviting individuals and families who would appreciate this place.

Financial Support

Supporting Kuriakos financially is an important way of being involved in this place, particularly when time or distance make other methods challenging.

Consider donating $10-$50/month as a way of maintaining your involvement and joining us in ministry.

Gifts in Kind

We also maintain a list of Wants + Wishes. Check it out next time you're cleaning up!

Donate to the bursary fund!

We offer a bursary to summer staff who are returning to school in the fall. If you have received a bursary in the past, we encourage you to pay it forward to future staff members who are serving in this place.