Our Philosophy of Camping

Community + Welcome

Each camper or family is assigned to a cabin group. Your group will stay together for much of the day. This allows for close friendships to form and makes camp feel like home.

Your group is paired with an experienced, university-aged leader who is ready to make the most of your week. Since they spend the whole week together, they will get to know your camper or family, and learn to encourage, teach, or comfort them as needed.

Much like an older sibling, each cabin also has a STAND - a high-school volunteer who's learning by doing.

Safety + Challenge

Camp is a place to try new things. It's about learning new skills while receiving guidance from trained leaders. It's about pushing yourself without being pushed too far.

Campers grow in hard skills (like canoeing and archery), but also in important relational skills. They make friends, they support the team, and they learn from mistakes. Camp is a safe place to do it all!

Opportunity + Choice

Campers are encouraged to try new things. Under the eye of trained instructors and caring leaders, campers can make choices about their camp experience.

Are you excited to try something in particular? Unless it seems like a really bad idea, our staff will always say YES!