Sylvan Lake Lutheran Bible Camp Association

Membership - $25

  • 1 leader/10 students attends Confirmation Retreats free of charge
  • Voting representative(s) at the AGM
  • Pastors attend camp programs free of charge
  • Host a Camp Sunday worship service - staff and volunteers can help plan and lead!

Partnership - $100

includes Membership benefits, plus

  • Encouraged to "fill a cabin" at Work Weekends (send a family or two to help us out)
  • Propose a project for a Kuriakos Service Team (2 camp staff in your congregation for a week)
  • Host a Day Camp or VBS for your community, with staff and planning from the Kuriakos team
  • Your pastor is invited for a free weekday retreat in Dana Lodge




  1. Membership shall be open to any Lutheran or Anglican congregation in Alberta that requests membership in the Association and pays the required annual membership fee. 
  1. Membership shall be valid for the calendar year for which the membership is paid and for a grace period extending up to the Annual Meeting in the following calendar year. 
  1. The membership fee shall be determined from time to time by the members at a legally called meeting of the Association. 
  1. Membership responsibilities shall consist of encouraging individual and group
    1. Participation in the work and program of the Association.
    2. Participation in the improvement of the facilities of the Association and
    3. Financial support of the Association on a regular basis