Open House

Sun, June 23    1-4pm

Don't miss out on this great way to start your summer at camp.

This FREE event is open to everyone. A perfect introduction to the fun of Kuriakos! 

Activities and tours will be offered all afternoon. Just drop by!
Registration is not required

Activities offered will include climbing wall, lakefront boating and swimming, craft room, low ropes challenge course, games in the field, archery and more. Weather may alter the final list, but there's always something fun to do, rain or shine, at Kuriakos!

A Day at Camp

Elements common to all Kuriakos programming are described below.

Actual schedules vary, but these activities form the basis of a camp experience. 

For more details about specific activities, scroll down to the ACTIVITIES section of the page.

To see why some campers have chosen Kuriakos, check out this sweet video!

Daily Schedule

Schedules can vary depending on the program, but this sample will give you an idea of what happens at camp!

8am - Breakfast

9am - Chapel (morning worship)

10am - Cabin Activities (climbing wall, high ropes, canoeing, archery, Bible Study...)

12pm - Lunch!

1pm - Choice Activities (swimming, boats, sports, crafts...)

3pm - Cabin Activities (climbing wall, high ropes, canoeing, archery, Bible Study...)

5pm - supper

6pm - All-camp Wide Game or Special Event

8pm - Snack and Campfire (evening worship)

9pm - Cabin Devotions and bedtime

Common Concerns

Will I make friends? Of course! We work hard to ensure that every camper feels included and is able to participate in whatever way they feel comfortable.

What will I eat? Meals are fresh, varied, and age-appropriate. Our goal is for you to enjoy the meal enough to come up for seconds!

What should I bring? Visit the REGISTRATION page for packing lists and information.

  • Bible Study

    We call it Quest, because we believe that the Bible is much more than just a book.  It is the Living Word, and God uses the Word to call us to a lifelong journey of exploring and learning. Counsellors lead Quest for their cabin group, during one of the 4 Cabin Activity Blocks. This provides opportunity to reflect on the biblical principles of the daily theme and relate it to life as lived that day and every day.

  • Cabin Activities

    Cabin groups are paired into villages, who work together to decide on their activities for the next day. Campers are encouraged to share what they want to do, and practice problem solving and team-work to create a plan everyone is happy with. Campers and staff are encouraged to be creative with their activity times.

  • Skills

    Skills Campers register for a specific program (Music and Drama, Photography or Sports) and dedicate most of their time to rehearsals, games and practicing. These campers will also enjoy many of the regular camp Activities.

  • Choice Activities

    Most afternoons, campers are given a choice of 3-4 activities. Staff choose each day what activity they would like to offer, whether from the standard camp activites, or something they are passionate about and skilled in.

    You can read about some of the standard camp activities below.

  • Camp Outs

    Once a week, Kids' and Youth campers go on an overnight CampOUT to one of our near-by sites (5 min walk, on Kuriakos property). Campers help cook on the fire, enjoy a more-laid back schedule, and sleep in tents, or under the stars. 

    Mini Campers enjoy a shorter "CookOUT" where they make supper on the fire, and have a smaller group campfire before returning to their cabin for the night.

  • SLeep Outs

    Campers may spend an additional night sleeping away from their cabin, on a Sleep-Out. Sleep Outs usually occur on covered decks, at the tree house, in a chuck-wagon, or at the wilderness site. Other spots include indoor spaces like the chapel or craft room, or outside under the stars. 

  • Worship

    Devotions and worship times occur in the morning, usually right after breakfast, and in the evening, around the campfire. Worship at Kuriakos is focused on proclaiming the Good News in imaginative ways, connecting worship practices at camp to those found in churches at home, and involving campers in leadership where possible. Campers assist with selecting songs, reading scripture, praying, or acting in a skit.

  • Special Events

    Throughout each week, many special events may take place. Events vary based on weather, age of the campers, and the dynamic of the group. Special events may include talent shows, concerts, costume meals, dances, wide games, and more.

  • Canteen

    Every afternoon campers will have the chance to select a snack from our canteen. Options include candy, pop, ice cream bars, chips and chocolate bars. Canteen time is an unscheduled block where they can sit and chat with their friends while they enjoy a mid afternoon snack and rest.

  • Jesus and Me (JAM) Time

    JAM Time happens right after lunch. This intentional down-time allows for individual campers to read daily scripture and engage in quiet activities. JAM time lasts for 20-30 minutes. As well, counsellors lead their campers in devotions each evening.

  • Organized Games

    Campers participate in organized wide games throughout the week, where the whole camp comes together to run around, have fun, and sometimes, dress up! Wide Games are a classic part of every week at camp!

  • Meals

    Home-cooked meals are served 3 times a day. Snacks are provided in the afternoon and evening. Times may vary depending on the program needs of the camp, but we make sure there isn't too much time between meals so campers stay energized. Health and nutrition, as well as taste and kid-friendliness are considered in all menu planning decisions. We do our best to accommodate common dietary restrictions.

  • Program Theme

    Each camp program will be based on a theme. Learning times will use these themes to explore Christian truths. Themes will be woven into elements throughout the day, including worship, bible study, games, and devotions.

  • Community Care

    Each village group (pair of cabins) will have a turn to serve the community in a number of ways after meals. Community Care tasks include clearing the dining hall, watering the gardens, emptying the garbage and compost, and helping with kitchen prep.  Cabin Leaders together with their campers on these tasks. This is an important opportunity for campers to learn about serving the greater community. 


  • Creative Arts

    Campers express themselves in a variety of ways. Camp is a great place to try something new, to learn new tricks, or to teach others a favorite technique.

    • crafts
    • wood-working
    • drama games
    • music
    • knitting

  • Games

    Indoor and outdoor sports and games are a big part of camp life. Outdoor facilities as well as indoor gymnasium and recreational room provide lots of room to run. The following list is a sample of what Kuriakos can offer.

    • basketball
    • 9-square (a fast-paced, easy to learn volleyball game)
    • soccer
    • tetherball
    • tobogganing (winter only!)
    • wide games
    • horse shoes
    • ladder golf
    • parachute games
    • dodgeball
    • cooperative games
    • fort-building (lots of cushions)
    • ping pong
    • foosball
    • air hockey
    • gaga ball
    • disk golf

  • Waterfront Activities

    Sylvan Lake is ready for action! Certified supervisors lead activities of all kinds for campers of all ages. 

    • Swimming
    • Canoeing
    • Kayaking
    • Paddle Boats
    • Boogie Boards
    • Sail Boats
    • Sauna

  • Outdoor Skills

    Learning basic outdoor skills builds important connections between us and the environment we live in. Creating comfort and confidence in the outdoors, these activities are practical and fun.

    • fire-building
    • archery
    • outdoor cooking
    • shelter-buiding
    • hiking
    • nature identification

  • Adventure Learning Elements

    These elements provide all kinds of experiences for campers of all ages. The three keys to every adventure  are fun, choice, and safety.
    These elements are used for team-building, personal challenge, leadership development, and more. Access to these elements will be at the discretion of activity facilitators. Age, physical size, and maturity will be factors in determining which elements are appropriate for each camper.  Campers only have access to these elements when properly trained facilitators are present.

    • Initiative tasks - Activities without any permanent structure needed. 
    • Low Challenge Course - A series of cables platforms and activities only inches off the ground.
    • High Ropes Challenge Course - Cables and platforms 20+ feet in the air. Participants are secured through belay systems.
    • Bouldering Wall - A horizontal climbing wall, only 8 feet above the ground at the top.  No helmets or fall protection needed.
    • Climbing Tower - A 30+ foot vertical climbing tower with two faces of climbing holds and one initiative element. Participants are secured through belay systems.