Weekly Bible Studies are hosted on Zoom. Register through the links below.
Some Past Bible studies are available as videos on our YouTube channel or as audio recordings

All Bible Studies are free to attend. 

Suggested donation of $50/series to Kuriakos or your local Lutheran Bible Camp.

Baptismal Living

With Rev. Dr. Tom Johnson

April 8-29 (on Zoom)

Thursdays at 9am

In this 4-week study, we will explore what it means to live as Baptised people. We will look at a Lutheran understanding of baptism, and discover ways to affirm and celebrate our baptism in our everyday lives, on special occasions, and in different seasons.

Rev. Dr. Tom Johnson was our speaker at Retreat Of Our Own in 2017.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Dr. Johnson moved to Berkeley, CA in 1977 to attend Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.
He did his internship in Cairo Egypt in 1980-81 and graduated with his MDiv in 1983 and was ordained the same year into the ELCA. He received his doctorate from Claremont School of Theology in 1996 and has served as an adjunct professor and Director of the Center for Lutheran Studies for the past 24 years while serving congregations In Arizona and California before retiring from full-time parish ministry in 2018. He continues to serve as Interim pastor and provide pulpit supply. He has written and contributed to numerous books, including Celebrating the Seasons of Baptismal Living.

He is the current president of the Claremont Interfaith Council and is active in building interfaith relationships between the Muslim and Jewish communities and the Lutheran Church. He has contributed to an upcoming book entitled “Another cup of tea and coffee: Muslim and Lutheran conversations”.

Dr. Johnson had led spiritual pilgrimages to Isreal/Palestine, Egypt, Italy, Portugal and Spain, the British Isles, Luther sites and Danube River, Russia, Amazon River, Scandinavia. He is h
oping to organize a new trip back to the Holy Land in 2022.

He lives in Claremont, CA with his wife, Julie; he has four adult children.

Awe & Compassion

with Rev. Daranne Harris

May 6-27 (on Zoom)

Thursdays at 9am

Threads of awe and compassion woven through the fabric of humanity

Awe is an experience of wonder that often has qualities of vastness or reverence to it. Compassion is a process of noticing suffering and taking action to alleviate suffering. Come explore how awe and compassion weave through Christianity and other spiritual and religious traditions. In this 4-part series, participants will explore awe and compassion in sacred texts and traditions while also reflecting on personal experiences and practices.

Rev. Daranne Harris is a theologian-scientist who brings together the heart and science of compassion. This calling reflects her pastoral heart and doctoral research on how experiences of awe relate to the practice of compassion. In 2019, she founded Catalyzing Compassion, which offers compassion education and brings together a community to advance the practice of compassion for self and others.

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Summer Programs

Prime Time

July 4-7, 2021    |   $210 +gst (2020)  |   Age 35+

Arrive 5-5:30pm on Sunday            Wrap-up Wednesday after breakfast

Guest Speaker - to be announced

Here is a great way to start the summer off! Prime Time will be sure to be a hit, as we aspire to keep all of the wisdom from before and also bring in a few new friends. Join us for three nights at Camp, and days full of coffee times, enjoying delicious food, swimming and canoeing, seeing the Passion Play, engaging in bible study, watching Canada Day parades and much more! 

Retreat Programs

Retreat of our Own

September 10-12, 2021

A time for theological reflection in the beauty of creation!

The retreat is an excellent opportunity to...

  • Be away in a beautiful place (fall colours in the Parkland of Central Alberta!).
  • Connect and reconnect with new and old friends.
  • Grow in faith and understanding by listening to a gifted theologian and in worship.

Registration is through RETREAT OF OUR OWN

Fall Women's Retreat

November 5-7, 2021  |   $160 +gst   |   Age 18+

Arrive 8-8:30pm on Friday             Wrap- up 12:30pm on Sunday

Learn, laugh, and be renewed. 

This weekend is a great way for moms and daughters, sisters, close friends or new acquaintances to spend a weekend with God and each other. Let us cook the meals and clean up while you enjoy time to relax, learn, and laugh.

With time to enjoy good company, joyful laughter, delicious food, and creative arts- this will be a weekend you won't want to miss!  We will also offer massages on Saturday afternoon (additional fee applies), and plenty of silliness to go around.

Take a look at last year's schedule to get an idea what the weekend will look like.

SHIFT Retreat

DEC 3-5, 2021   |   $160+gst

Arrive 8-8:30pm on Friday               Wrap-up 12:30pm on Sunday

Welcome to winter! It's a busy time of year - that's why you're invited to a retreat at camp. Commit to SHIFT, come be challenged and equipped, while engaging in a strong community. 

Join us for a weekend at camp, and enjoy some time outdoors with friends. We'll have a relaxing weekend among great people, forming relationships and building each other up, and learning a thing or two along the way.

Activities include snowshoeing, climbing wall, snacks, knitting by the fire, wearing things knitted by the fire, and general hilarity. Skating on the lake, tobogganing, and skiing are always big hits.

Evening activities will include a gift exchange (homemade or re-gifts only, no purchases!) and a Coffee House talent show.

See last year's schedule for a sneak-peak at all the fun!

Lutheran Student Movement

January 22-24, 2021

Join students from across Alberta and Saskatchewan for relaxation, reflection, and recreation. Hosted by campus ministries at University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, and University of Calgary

Registration is through Campus Ministries.

Men's Retreat

Feb 4-6, 2022 |  160 +gst   |   Age 18+

Arrive 8-8:30pm on Friday             Wrap-up 12:30pm on Sunday

Learn and serve in creation. Kevin will share his reflections on the role of men in the Church, and the powerful way we can live out that role in our community.

Think camp is great in the summer?  We've saved a beautiful winter weekend for our Men's Retreat!  Come with your friends, sons, father, buddies, or pals to enjoy time with God and each other. We provide great meals, space to relax, time to learn, and opportunities to use power tools.

Options include hockey, ice fishing, sitting by the fire, service projects, or telling stories. Interested in tackling a larger project? We have a fairly well-equipped shop. Bring your own idea, or we can provide a service project of our own.

Kuriakos Work Weeks

Spring Work Week - May 10-14, 2021

Fall Work Week - Oct 4-8, 2021

Kuriakos manages over 20 buildings and 200 acres of land. And we can't do it alone! Come for a few days to help our Property Work Group.

Projects include construction and renovations... no skills necessary, since instructions will be provided. In the evenings, we'll share a meal, games, and enjoy the retreat space.

Register online, or with paul@kuriakos.ab.ca.

Service Weeks are followed by Family Work Weekends, when all are welcome to help out around camp.