We're grateful to have you

Thanks for all your support!

Kuriakos Gathers Together is the annual fundraising event to support the summer camp programs, year-round retreats, and school programs at Kuriakos on the shores of Sylvan Lake. 

The event is being held in person at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. The programme portion will also be available via livestream. The evening programme begins at 4pm and live streaming begins at 6pm. In-person event tickets are available - both individual and as a table. 

Our goal is to raise $70,000 to support this year's operations.

Kuriakos happens whenever, wherever, and however we gather.

Thanks for being a part of us!

For those who can't make it to KGT, we'd like to invite you
to DONATE, or to SUPPORT our ministry in other ways.

KGT Behind the scenes

It takes quite a crew to put together KGT.

Many thanks to our committee and staff.

  • Kirsten Berg - Chairperson
  • Graham Kopjar + Heather Paul - Auction
  • Sarah McCrae + Anthony Woloszyn - Program
  • Kendra Freeland + Bobbi Belsek - Volunteers
  • Jenny Rintoul + Amber Allen - Decorations
  • Phil Penrod - Board Representative
  • Pamela Giles + Joe Stolee - Fundraising
  • Art Weiss + Paul Kopjar - Staff Representatives, Administration
  • Alexa Gomez + Lorena Torres - Logistics

We also want to thank the many additional volunteers that help make KGT happen...

  • All those who submitted songs, stories, acting talents
  • Those who donated items
  • Those volunteering at the event
  • All our viewers and attendees
  • Our fabulous donors, bidders, and supporters

KGT couldn't happen without you!

Looking back

Each year, we produce several videos showing past, present, and future at Kuriakos.