activities to try at home

Re-grow vegetables from your kitchen scraps:

Make Ice Cream in a bag:

Make Maple Syrup Snow Candy:

Make an ice table centre-piece/candle-holder:

Try some of these Winter Science Activities:

Make a Bird-feeder and see what birds come around this season:

You can get free Bird-ID e-books from Nature Canada here: has a free Bird-ID tool –answer questions about your bird sighting, and it will bring up pictures of possible birds – you can listen to their calls, and learn more about each bird.

Videos from Summer 2020

Watch the videos on YouTube and Social Media.

  • Kids+Youth Bible Study

    Tune in for a brief Bible Study wtih Travis. He'll provide activities and connections that bring the stories alive, while sharing some of the important themes we have studied here over the past 90 years.

    Watch here!

  • Coordinators' Choice

    Our summer team will have fun activites, games and videos for you each week -stop by to see what crazy thing they are up to next!

    Watch here!

  • Wilderness - Nature, Camping and Outdoor Skills

    Learn about God's Creation! What's that bug? How do plants grow? What's an ecosystem? You won't believe the things Annika can teach you!

    Keep up on your survival skills! We'll teach you some new skills, culminating with a genuine Kuriakos backyard (or living room) campout.

    Watch here!

  • Fun Crafts

    Join our Arts Coordinator, Elanor, as she shares new ideas for craft time. What else can she find in the storage room??

    Watch here!

Virtual Resources - Still Together

"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." - Matthew 5:14, NIV

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