Guest Group Rates and Details

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In high season, weekend bookings must be 2 nights or longer

In general, guest group bookings begin at 7pm and end at 1pm (summer) or 2pm (fall, winter, spring)

Interested in adding activities to your event?

Would you like Kuriakos to provide food service?

Thinking about getting married at Kuriakos?

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Groups are responsible for their own clean-up after their stay at camp. This is one of the ways we can keep prices low, so that more groups can enjoy a camp experience. Instructions for clean-up are included in the Rental Binder, found in the Kuriakos Centre and the Dana Lodge.

Charges apply for any portion of the site and facilities that are not cleaned properly. Click HERE for list.
Note: Kuriakos expects that groups will not use disposable dishes while at camp. Dishes are provided along with all other kitchen requirements. A $250 charge will be applied if your group uses disposable dishes.


Read through the Guest Group Regulations for further details

Check out a list of commonly-requested measurements and quantities for events

Can I add activities to my event?
You sure can!  Check out the SERVICES page for options and costs.

Don't see what you want?  We'd be happy to discuss other programming options.

Should I check in with someone when I arrive?
You will find your building open and ready for you. The Hospitality Director, or designate, will greet your group at the specified time of arrival. In addition, you will find a binder of information about the camp and the local area, including emergency information in the Kuriakos Centre kitchen and the Dana Lodge kitchen. Group leaders should ask their group members to come to the rented facility when they arrive. They do not need to check in at the Camp Office.

Will there be staff on-site while my group is there?
The Hospitality Director, or designate, will greet your group and walk through facilities after your stay.

They will also provide you with an on-call contact and phone number in case of issues.

Do I need a Food Handler's certificate to cook for my group?

Yes. Starting January 1st, 2023 all groups cooking out of one of our commercial kitchen  in the Kuriakos Centre will require a designated member of their group to have a current, valid Alberta Food Handlers. This person will be responsible for overseeing all food preparation and storage. The Food Handlers Certificate must be posted in the kitchen while your group is present. 

Is the kitchen fully equipped?
The kitchens are equipped with dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, cutting boards, knives, salt and pepper, coffee filters, etc. As well, there are plenty of cooking utensils, dish towels, dish cloths, and cleaning items. 

An inventory of what is in the Dana Lodge and ARC kitchens are available in the Google Drive. 

You will find cleaning instructions in the Rental Binders located in each building. 

Groups should bring with them coffee, tea, condiments, ingredients for meals, as well as containers for leftovers.

May we use disposable dishes?
No. Using disposable dishes at camp does not demonstrate positive stewardship of our environment and creates an extreme amount of garbage that Kuriakos must then pay to have picked up and disposed of. Dishes and all dishwashing equipment is provided to your group with the facility you have rented. If your group uses disposable dishes, a $250 disposal charge will be added to the bill.

The Guest Group Agreement stipulates that my group needs insurance. How do I purchase insurance?
Guest groups need to look for a Commercial General Liability Insurance which will cover any liability arising from activities you plan to enjoy at camp. Not all policies will cover water-based activities, archery, or alcohol on site, etc. Be sure to mention all activities you hope to engage in. Please add Kuriakos as an additional insured to your policy. This will not cost you any extra. Most groups have reported that insurance for a 2-4 day event at Kuriakos costs from $30-$150 depending on their insurance provider. 

If your group is associated with a larger organization (school, church, association, etc), check with the group's insurance provider. Your use of Kuriakos may be covered already.  For personal groups (reunions, weddings, etc), contact your home/auto insurance provider. They will likely be able to help you. 

Homeowner's insurance does not extend to cover your time at camp.

We also recommend the use of Duuo Insurance for a quick, easy and inexpensive online insurance option. 

What is the refund policy?
The deposit you pay to secure your use of Kuriakos is fully refundable up until 120 days (4 months) prior to your event, less a $100 administrative charge. After that, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
Exception: Group rental of RV sites is refundable up until the date of booking, subject to first sight/first day full fee and a $5/site administrative fee for additional booked sites.

If there are multiple groups on site, how do we share facilities?
Groups have been sharing the site at Kuriakos for many years. Groups will have their own home centre, almost always being the Kuriakos Centre, ARC or Dana Lodge. Shared facilities at Kuriakos include the campfire pits, chapel, lake front, sauna, and playing field.  We ask for group leaders to introduce themselves to each other when at camp, and discuss use of the shared facilities. Due to privacy laws, we cannot release other groups contact information without their previous consent. 

How will we be invoiced for the final amount owing?
When you arrive at camp, you will be given a sheet to record your final numbers. This must be completed and left at the camp. A final invoice will be emailed to your group contact within the week.

If Kuriakos is providing catering for your group, final numbers are due along with Dietary Restrictions, 10 days prior to your arrival. These numbers will be the minimum invoiced amount. 

How should we prepare payment for use of the facility?
Payment is due within 7 days of use of Kuriakos.  You may use Visa, MasterCard, cheque, or eTransfer. 

Etransfer is preferred. There is a $5 fee for use of credit cards.

Where are Emergency Services located?
Beside each phone on site, and included in the Rental Binder provided for your group, you will find emergency contact information. This includes both the legal land description and the civic address. Ambulance and fire service are located in Sylvan Lake, 15 minutes away, as well as medical clinics. The closest hospital is in Red Deer, directions can be found in the Rental Binder. 

Is alcohol allowed on site?
User group consumption of alcohol is allowed at Kuriakos. Abuse of alcohol, however, will not be tolerated. Use of Illegal drugs is not permitted under any circumstances. Groups require a private special event liquor license from AGLC to serve alcohol. This can be obtained at and should be posted in the space you are using. 

Can we use the waterfront and watercraft?
In the summer, swimming and  boating are available. Watercraft can be rented by the day. Life jackets and paddles are provided, and each watercraft is equipped with required safety items. Adult supervision is required at the waterfront at all times. Lifeguards are not provided by the camp; each group is responsible for its own peoples' safety at the waterfront. Waterfront rules are clearly posted and a copy of the rules will be given to the group leader. The Guest Group coordinator will be asked to sign a waiver on behalf of their group prior to using the waterfront. 
In the winter, the lake if available for skating, ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and more. Please bring your own equipment. Snowshoes are available for rent through the Hospitality Director.

Are all cleaning supplies needed at camp?
Yes, we provide cleaning supplies for our spaces. You will find instructions for clean up in the Rental Binder in each space. Supplies needed will be ready and their locations indicated in the Rental Binder. Incomplete cleaning upon departure, may result in added cleaning charges for your group. 

What amenities are available in the town of Sylvan Lake?
Sylvan Lake has all services: groceries, sporting goods, clothing stores, hardware, automotive services, coffee, and many restaurants. Summer recreation also includes mini golf, go carts, boat rentals, and waterslides.

Can I book just a camping site?
Individual camp sites are available to book through the "Guest Groups --> Campground" Link.  You can also book as a group by submitting a '"Guest Group Inquiry Form". To qualify as a group, a minimum of 8 sites must be booked and paid for at the time of booking. Your group will have access to the Summit (washrooms, showers, and fire pit) as well as the lake and soccer field. Access to other buildings is not permitted. 

Are pets allowed?

Pets are only permitted if staying in the Summit. Pets must be on leash at all times and allowed on roadways only. They are not allowed in any buildings or programming areas - including playing fields and the waterfront. Owners are required to clean-up after their pets or additional fees may be incurred. 

How far in advance can I make a booking?
Kuriakos officially books one year in advance. However, if you have an event happening farther ahead in the future and would like to book now, we do accept Letters of Intent to book. This helps us to arrange things farther ahead into the future.  While not an official booking, if your letter of intent is accepted, those dates will not be given to another group.