We've partnered with Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM) to host a fun event

in support of our 90th Anniversary Campaign.

Participants donate at least $25 to Kuriakos, and commit to finding at least 5 other supporters (in any amount)

Then, on or before October 31, participants will get active for 5km in whatever way they choose!

Run, walk, swim, dance, roll, paddle, trick-or-treat... it all counts as exercise (and toward a great cause!).

How to Sponsor someone

Donations may be made at the link above, by eTransfer (info@kuriakos.ab.ca), by phone (403-746-2702), or by mail-in cheque (5-39317 Range Road 24, Lacombe County AB  T4E 2R7).

How to Participate

  1. Visit our Campaign Page
  2. Click on "Create a Fundraiser" and tell folks why you're commited to supporting Kuriakos
  3. Make your own donation, and find 5 (or more!) donors to support your goal
  4. Run/walk/stroll/bike/swim/be active for 5km on or before October 31
  5. Send us a Selfie, and don't forget to thank your sponsors!

Goal - $6000

Supporting our 90th Anniversary Campaign

Funds raised will go toward our goal of $91,000 for this year's Anniversary events. Each candle on our cake represents $1000.

This will support programs into 2022 as we re-open and plan for the future.

So far, we've collected $63,000 at KGT,
plus additional donations at our Anniversary Party.

We're joining with camps across the US and Canada to raise funds for these special places.

You're invited to drop in on the national broadcast on October 24, 12-3pm

(link will be provided prior to the event)

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is made up of 125 camps and retreat centers throughout the US and Canada. Thank you for caring about the Camp Ministry of the Church. By supporting your camp, you are helping to make sure that camps are strong!