1. Donate to Kuriakos in an amount of your choosing
  2. Visit https://lomnetwork.wufoo.com/forms/q192ep0t1bdxt0l/ to count your donation in the tally.
  3. You're invited to drop in on the national broadcast on November 1, 1-4pm

Thank you for caring about the Camp Ministry of the Church. Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is made up of 125 camps and retreat centers throughout the US and Canada. By supporting your camp, you are helping to make sure that camps are strong!

in partnership with Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM)

  1. Fill out the Registration Form
  2. Make a $25 donation to Kuriakos (thanks!)
  3. Attend an orientation session with LOM on Sunday October 4 at 1pm or 6pm, or Monday October 5 at 9am
  4. Find 5 (or more!) donors to support your Run4Camp. Have them fill out this form. https://lomnetwork.wufoo.com/forms/q192ep0t1bdxt0l
  5. Run/walk/stroll/bike/swim/be active for 5km on or before November 1
  6. During your Run4Camp, send in a selfie to LOM

On November 1, you can tune into the live broadcast and share about Kuriakos with camps across North America!

Supporting Capital Projects

This is a year of rest and revitalization for the Kuriakos site. Funds will support capital additions and maintenance, notably

  • Rebuilding the Lakefront Retaining Wall (installed in 2008)
  • Replacing the Walk-In Fridge

Our goal is to raise $10,000 this fall!

Team Kuriakos

Here's a list of our participants so far. On their behalf, we'd like to extend our thanks to all their sponsors for their generous support.

Emma B

Gail B

Kirsten B

Sam D

Ann F

Kendra F

Paul K

Travis M

Matt N

Stasia N

Jenny R

Anthony W

Sarah W

Laureen W